Welcome to....

Although after much consideration, I have decided that title is very boring, and polled the muses and site creator (one Amand-r, idiot extraordinaire) for better titles. They are:

Diane says, "Fic You!"
Diane Fics You!
I'm A Fic-ing Genius.

and the ever popular:
Me Fic You Long Time! Five dollah!

Amand-r: How about "Diane Spanks Em' All"?
Diane: NO.
Amand-r: NO WHAT?
Diane: Goddammitt, I often write stories with no spankings in them.

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Site Introduction:

It's me. Methos. Of course, this is Diane's Fanfic, where you can find all her lovely Highlander fiction starring yours truly. There's other stuff, something about other fandoms, but I have no idea what the hell that is all about...

Diane: It's about other people besides yourself, bratlet.

Other people? O-ther?

Diane:Yes. Other muses? I have Remy and Logan and Duncan, and god help me, Richie and a Fitz and a Connor and a Cory and a Hank McCoy.

That's a lot of people. Should I start to get worried?

Diane: Of course not, darling. See the site URL?

Amand-r: I would.

Diane: You can't scare the muses. ::cracks whip:: Back to work!

SEMC: hEy! WhY aRe yOu aLL sTiLL aLiVe? oH YeAh, iT'S OnLy tUeSdAy.

Diane: Amand-r! You promised!

Amand-r: I couldn't get a 'sitter.

SEMC: yEaH, tHe LaSt oNe's sTiLL iN tHe cLoSeT, UnDeR ThE wInTeR BoOts.

Diane: My first day with a new site, and already I'm in trouble.

SEMC: I'm GoNnA MaKe yOuR WhoLE SiTe mAgEnTa.

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