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Halloween Lyric Wheel story. Methos meets
up with a few ghosts. (Duncan/Methos)

Quickening Lyric Wheel story. Someone is mailing Methos packages. Someone is remembering the past. Someone is out for a pound of flesh...(Duncan/Methos, Kronos/Methos)

Methos: "Now, shall I tell you the story of the good prince who was cursed by a black knight and a troll and how the spell was broken with the help of an advisor to the prince, a fool, a witch, a giant, a very wise and good man, a holy spring, and a magic sword?" (Duncan/Methos)

Just your average alphabet story.
One: Sleepless Night
Two: Kansas In August
Three: Negotiations
Four: Coming soon...
Methos writes to Kate and tarsh.
Where You Live Lyric Wheel story. (Duncan/Methos)
A little PWP. The boys get a package with...well...for the curiously clean version that reads like mad libs on crack (the forum editor replaced every sexual and swear word with @#%$), please visit here. We can't promise it'll make any sense.
While Duncan is out of town, an old friend/lover
of Methos pays a visit, and happenings ensue.
Uh Oh. (Duncan/Methos)

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